A Principled Approach to AI

By its admission, Google recognizes that AI, while a powerful catalyst for innovation, also presents some significant challenges. As a company not typically known to take a “wait-and-see” position, Google published a set of principles to guide its AI efforts. That happened in 2018. Google realized that this was a starting point. Any document that would attempt to corral a set of principles for something as fluid as artificial intelligence would need to morph with the latest discoveries, trends, and applications. 

Today, Google maintains an entire web page of nearly a thousand words that emphasize its commitment to develop AI technology responsibly and establish specific application areas it will not pursue.

Google is overwhelmingly clear in its commitment to society when it comes to artificial intelligence. It states that its number one priority is to be socially beneficial. For Google, AI’s greatest impact will occur when everyone has access to it and when applications are built with everyone’s benefit in mind. That focus extends to ideas like ensuring that algorithms help to reduce unfair bias and that systems promote safety and accountability to humans. Naturally, the company also expects that AI should enhance privacy, not rob people of it. Google’s stated principles also challenge innovators to maintain the highest standards of scientific excellence.

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