How Do I Know If I Need Cloud Migration?

Without getting too technical, cloud migration services make your business operations run better. Here are the top signals that help you know when it is time to move to the cloud.

For a more in-depth look into understanding when is the best time to “migrate,” check out our “4 Critical Questions to Ask Before Moving to the Cloud.”

When Your IT Budget is Strapped

If your computing capacity is limited to on-site hardware, any technological upgrades become astronomically expensive. Moving your operations to the cloud will save you money and IT work hours.

When Your Systems are Sluggish or Overwhelmed

Physical hard drives and machines do not last forever. If you put enough wear-and-tear on your hardware, they could deteriorate in a couple of years. 

Cloud migration makes your systems faster and more agile. It takes the pressure off your computer hard-drives so that you can do more with less.

When You Want to Eliminate Waste

Speaking of “doing more with less,” enlisting the help of cloud migration services allows you to downsize physical paperwork and machinery.

With cloud computing, you can eliminate entire rooms of filing cabinets. Further, you can shrink your utility usage, since on-site equipment isn’t having to run hard to keep up with your operational demands.

In short, you can go 100% digital on a fraction of the budget and space typically required when trying to keep all hardware on-premises.

Can I Migrate to the Cloud Myself (or using my IT team)? 

If you already have an IT manager, you might think that you could save money by moving to the cloud internally.

But DIY Cloud Migrations never go as smoothly as you (or your IT manager) might think. Implementing a Lift and Shift migration requires a team of experts and cooperation from your IT personnel.

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